Doug Pelley  dba  DAP-COM

Contract Broadcast Transmitter Engineering
AM, FM & LPTV Transmitter installation & maintenance
Translator, STL, TSL & RPU installation & maintenance

Contract Maintenance on LMR Repeater & Remote Controlled Stations

Specializing in Preventative Maintenance Schedules and Redundant Systems.

RF Tower Site Management & Maintenance
Strict Technical Codes. Good Housekeeping.
Proper Antenna type & Placement.

Intermod & other RFI troubleshooting.
Consultation on electric power consumption.

40 years of hands on technical experience in the RF industry.

Action Tower Sites LLC - Usery Mountain Antenna Site

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Pictures of Mountain Top Antenna Sites

Amateur (Ham) Radio
The Only 100% Fail-Safe Emergency Communications Resource In The World!

Amateur Callsign:

Amateur Radio Memberships:
American Radio Relay League
Cactus Intertie System: Saguaro Amateur Remote Base Association
Arizona Repeater Association
Utah VHF Society

Favorite Mode of Operation:
Rag Chewing on 40 Meters phone; fixed, mobile and portable station operation.

Ham Equipment:
Ham Shack 
Maxtrac Stac
Mobile Rigs  63 Willy's Jeep FOR SALE
Orange Box

2 Meter OPEN repeater station on Usery Mountain

My Micor "Mike", the Cat
March 13, 1981- March 04, 1999

 Ham Friends- Pictures & web sites

Various Ham Club's web sites

Where does the term "Ham" come from?

The Ham Radio Operators Code of Ethics

 Seven Three - Where it originated & how to properly pronounce it

Squelch Tail- A description of what it is

TalkAround - Where it originated & what it means

A word on PL tones for open & closed repeater systems in Arizona

How to get a permit to operate in Mexico By Patrick Stoddard WD9EWK

CQ Serenade Song

History of Distress Calls CQD & SOS

RF & Ham Radio Related Web Sites Of Interest:
Federal Communications Commission
Legal Help from ARRL on RFI problems
General Information about Ham Radio and Voice Over Radio
QRZ Amateur Radio Callsign Database
Amateur Radio Council of Arizona
Vintage Equip Manuals
U.S.A. Open Repeater Directory
Repeater Builder's Website
Phonetic Alphabets
Ham Radio Online

Hams Are Us
CQ Arizona

Technician Class License Study Guide by Ham Elmer
Technician Class License Study Guide by W8BBS
Note: These are two separate study guides written by separate authors.
Try them both & choose which you like best.
Amateur Practice Exams All license classes  Free Download & Install

Frequencies/Channel#- FRS, GMRS, MURS, CB



Other Memberships:
Aircraft Owners & Pilot's Association
National Rifle Association

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints   Official Website
Information & FAQ about my church> Mormon Dot Org  Official Church Website
The Family: A Proclamation to the World
The Living Christ. The Testimony of the Apostles
First Presidency Message on Same Gender Marriage
Strengthen marriage & families>
  Forever Families Dot Net
Safeguarding from Inappropriate Websites> PDF File (130Kb)
LDS Living
Deseret Book
Provident Living
LDS Faith dot Org
Gospel Doctrine Study
Remembering the Prophets
Temples of the LDS Church
Mesa Regional Family History Center
LDS Facts from Ford Motor Company
Status of Temples, existing and under construction
Pictures of L.D.S. Temples and historical sites personally visited


Ed Phillips Weather Satellite & Radar images, forecasts etc.
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration  Official Website
The Weather Channel  Official Website

Time Anywhere in the World
Sunrise - Sunset Times

Pictures of airplanes
WWII B-24 Pilot Walter Stewart
WWII Candy Bomber


Favorite places to travel and explore:

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